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Meet our Crisis/Greif Counsellors

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Elizabeth Khalu

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Hello, I’d like to introduce myself and share with you a little about me, my work and how I might support you. I am married and live on a beautiful property in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with my husband and our 15 year old Maltese/Bison Frise named Tilly. Raising 4 daughters Tilly became the 7th member of our family and brought a package of huge love which has supported us all immeasurably over that time.  On a career note, I have primarily spent my professional life in the fields of caring and supporting others in their health and wellbeing. From nursing/midwifery to working in crisis intervention (Tilly sometimes my offsider), working with disengaged youth in education, to running my own H&W clinic, I have had the privilege supporting others when they recognised they needed assistance at a critical moment or juncture in life. 


Losing a pet or simply the prospect of losing a pet can be a very confronting time. Over the course of my life, I have experienced the loss of my own pets and it was a time of feeling fragile and vulnerable. In the passing of our pet, we are offered another relationship with them. This becomes a very healing space of deep appreciation and understanding the purpose they have in our life. I have found that when we open ourselves to this on a deeper level, we understand our grief in a more acceptable and healing way, and this can support immensely with the grief process. Grieving can actually become a much lighter experience.


I look forward to supporting you as grief moves through you.


With Care,


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