Brushed Brass Name Tag - SKU:5339     Silver Nickel Name Tag -  SKU:5540                                                   

Black Face Silver Name Tag - SKU:5541


Brass Love Heart Base - SKU:1557- B                                 Pewter Love Heart Base - SKU:1557-P

Love Heart base for placing two adult urns on.

Size 14.5 x 23 x 3cm Solid Brass with a brushed  finish


Small Urn box - 20.5 x 16 x 12.5 cm - SKU:WD-S  Medium Urn Box - 25 x 19 x 15 cm - SKU:WD-M   Large Urn Box - 34 x 23 x 19.5cm - SKU:WD-L 

SM  $45   M  $50     L  $60

Stand for Keepsake Heart - Silver Nickel -  SKU:STN                    Stand for Keepsake Heart - Polished Brass -   SKU:ST                 Stand for Keepsake Heart - Brushed Brass - SKU:STN


PUT5270_5271-Heart Stands          

Antique Bronze / Pewter       



PUL1010-Keepsake Holder (Stand) Brushed Pewter

PUL1011-Keepsake Holder (Stand) Brushed Gold

For LoveUrns Keepsake Heart Urns  Available in 4/5 weeks  

PUL1012-Urn Holder (Stand) Brushed Pewter

PUL1013-Urn Holder (Stand) Brushed Gold

Dimensions: 8.9 x 8.9 x 11.4cm

For Medium and Large LoveUrns Heart Urns  Available in 4/5 weeks


Small - 15cm x 15cm - SKU:UB-66

med-21.5cm x 25cm - SKU:UB-810

large - 30.5cm x 25cm - SKU:UB-1012

Xlarge -40.5cmx 28.5cm - SKU:UB-1216

XXlarge 40cm x 41cm - SKU:UB-1616

SM $ 10   M $25    L $30  XL $35  XXL $40

PUTMAWHS-MDF White Heart Stand       PUTMACHKS-MDF Cherry Heart Stand  Cherry SMALL            


7.6x7.6 x 8.1cm

High Gloss



Suits Arielle Hearts Only

PUT400-Urn Pendants Golden Oval Pendants                                             

PUT401-Urn Pendants Silvertone Oval Pendants           

H: 4.1x W: 6.6cm

For around urn (NOT jewellery)



PUT402-Urn Pendants Golden Frame Pendants

AUC403-Urn Pendants Silvertone Frame   


H: 4.3 x W: 3.3cm

For around urn (NOT jewellery)