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Your Choice Of Services

Our aim is to provide your beloved pet with a personal, dignified and affordable cremation combining a guarantee of professional standards with understanding and compassion. We cremate all creatures great and small with feathers, fur or scales, up to approximately 100kg.

We have put together a number of standard packages for you to choose from. You are welcome to upgrade your urn from our standard package urns, you simply pay the difference.

Our packages are determined by your pets weight. For example. Pet weighs 18kg, we recommend the standard package 3 which ranges between 12kg to 19.99kg.

Honouring your pet with a Memorial Presentation Slide or a Memorial Candle.


Pre-arranged Pet Cremations

You may be considering prearranging a pet cremation in Gladstone and or the surrounding area. As the owner of an unwell or senior pet, it can be hard to think about the inevitable time when your friend is no longer by your side. However, preparing for the loss of a pet can be both healing and comforting during a difficult time. Pre-paying for a pet cremation guarantees that your pet will receive the send-off that they truly deserve.

Why Prearrange a Pet Cremation?

There are many benefits to a prearranged pet cremation. Many people find it difficult to make decisions during difficult periods of grieving. By planning ahead for your pet’s cremation, you will rest easy knowing that everything is already taken care of.

Organise a prearranged pet cremation at any time in your pet’s life, so you have the time to carefully consider every decision from private cremation to urns.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro

In Summary Our Service Include:

  • Professional and caring friendly staff

  • Contactable, 7 days a week,

  • Collection of pet from Veterinary Clinic, your home by arrangement, boarding kennels etc

  • Promise that your pet will be handled with utmost respect, care and dignity at all times

  • Guarantee that the cremains are your pet, and your pet only

  • Choice of either an urn, wooden box, scatter box or pouch

  • Range of urns, jewellery, keepsakes and accessories

  • Return of Cremains at a minimum of 21 business days ( 5 day week)

  • Personal Certificate of Cremation

  • Cremation Service that does not include return of ashes

  • Pre Arrange Cremations

  • All creatures great and small cremated up to approximately 100kg

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Funeral Services

Our Funeral Service is the Cremation of your pet.

Urns & Ashes Jewellery


A wonderful range of Urns and Ashes Jewellery for you to choose from.

Personal Consultations


In the local area of Gladstone, we provide in Home Consultations to discuss how you would like to honour you family member.  As loosing a pet is a trying time in a families life, we believe having personal consultations in your home is more comforting and beneficial to the healing process.

Memorial Candles


Beautiful way of honouring with your choice of inscription and with or without a photo.

Memorial Presentation Slide


One's life journey can be filled with big adventure great and small.  To help remember those times you can present them as one in a beautiful Memorial Slide.

Personal Delivery


We personally deliver to your beloved pets ashes to your vet clinic for your collection. 

We also personalyl transport your furbaby from your vet, home and to the crematorium. We do not use couriers. We will only post ashes at families request or weather not permitted.

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