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Pet Life Castings

Pet Life Casting is such a beautiful way to honour the memory of your beloved pet.

As there are so many frames and mat boards to choose from. It's just too much to put on the website.  If you are interested in having your pets casting done, please contact us or pop in to the shop (by appointment only)

As we have a large range of frames and mat board for you to choose from. We are unable to have it all on the website without confusing you. You can either pop in and see us or we can email through the information and supply you with a quote.

 We will endeavor to work out a simply way of adding to our shop.

Thank you for your understanding.





Glass Domes


Shadow Boxes

These are the designs to choose from.

We have a large range of Frames and Mat Boards for you to choose from.

Style 140.JPG
Style 160.JPG
Style 170.JPG
Style 180.JPG
Style 220.JPG
Style 225.JPG
Style 240.JPG
Style 230.JPG
Style 300.JPG
Style 310.JPG



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