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Cat Urns

PUTC130-Kitty Cloisonne .jpg
PUTC131-Kitty Cloisonne .jpg

PUTC130-Kitty Cloisonne

Blue Kitty     14.5 x 9.4cm

PUTC131-Kitty Cloisonne

Brown Kitty 

Pet weight max cap: 6.8kg



PUT2891-Silhouette Fern  PUT2892-Silhouette Shale   PUT2893-Silhouette Country Blue

PUT2890-Silhouette Sienna


11.4 x 11.4cm

Pet weight max cap: 9.7 kg



Cat Statue Slate - SKU:7700

9.5″H (24.1cm) – pet weight up to 3.3kgs


PUL263-Princess Cat.png
PUL264-Princess Cat.jpg
PUL265-Princess Cat.jpg

PUL263-Princess Cat White         PUL264-Princess Cat Midnight       PUL265-Princess Cat Bronze

Alloy/Swarovski Elements

Comes with velvet pouch  21.6cm  

Pet weight max cap: 13.6kg


PUT2865L-Pouncing Cat Magenta.jpg
PUT2867L-Pouncing Cat Pearl.jpg
PUT2866L-Pouncing Cat Onyx.jpg
PUT2868L-Pouncing Cat Slate.jpg

PUT2865L-Pouncing Cat Magenta                     PUT2867L-Pouncing Cat Pearl               PUT2866L-Pouncing Cat Onyx       PUT2868L-Pouncing Cat Slate

L: 9.9X24.6cm

Pet max weight cap: 11.3kg



PUT2883-Tall Cat.jpg

PUT2883-Tall Cat

Antique Bronze


23.4 x 11.7cm

Pet weight max cap: 6.8kg


PUTC314-Cozy Cat Series.jpg
PUTC310_313-Elite Cat.jpg

PUTC310_313-Elite Cat


Resin  21.6 x 10.2 x 12.7cm

Pet weight max cap: 6.8kg


PUTC315-Cozy Cat Series.jpg
PUTC316-Cozy Cat Series.jpg
PUTC316-Cozy Cat Series.jpg

PUTC314-Cozy Cat Series Sable                    PUTC315-Cozy Cat Series Fawn      PUTC316-Cozy Cat Series Black    PUTC317-Cozy Cat Series Tabby


13.2 x 21.6 x 11.7cm

Pet weight max cap: 6.8kg


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