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This piece is made to order. The photos on the website are a representation of the base glazes without cremated remains (ashes) added.  Incorporating ashes to the base glaze will have an effect on the colour, texture and glossiness. No two individuals respond the same. When ordering this product you are acknowledging you understand that variation will happen with the introduction of ashes to the base glaze.


Conscious Clay ceramic artwork is a wonderfully unique way to celebrate your loved one. West Australian artist Hayley Bangham, has created an exclusive custom design range of high fired ceramics that integrate a portion of your loved ones ashes into a base glaze which coats your hand-made ceramics piece.

This ash glazed ceramic Soul Bowl is designed to hold a candle, mementos or a small plant.

Colour Glaze Options

The ‘Elements’ glaze range is based on the Ayurvedic five elements of nature. 

Earth - (greens) A glossy deep forest green which runs into gentle, swirling patterns of soft white, purple and blue glazes.  Its lower surface is a stunning satin/matte jade scattered with iron speckles.

Air - (white, sky blue & grey) A beautiful high gloss white base with a touch of sky blue and light grey encompassing  its top half and rim. It has golden flashes throughout representing the sun's warming rays.

Fire - (red)  A captivating traditional high gloss Chinese 'oxblood’ glaze characterised by a deep rich burgundy-red hue with purple and blue undertones.   Its mottled appearance gives it a sense of depth, complexity and movement.

Water - (ocean blue & turquoise) A harmonious balance of light turquoise, deep ocean blues and a splash of white ebbing and flowing into each other.  This glaze is reminiscent  of our beautiful deep oceans and running streams, symbolising water’s ability to hold emotions and memories. 

Aether - (purple & pink) A striking mixture of violet and midnight blue bound together with pools of cream, magenta and dusty pink, all the colours of our cosmos.

Please enter your colour choices in the available options field above.



  • Hand thrown piece
  • Made to order
  • Australian made
  • Uses a small portion of your loved ones ashes
  • Each piece stamped with a small 'spiral of life' representing life, death and rebirth
  • Glaze made with ashes creating a unique one off finish


  • Ceramic made to order
  • Australian made
  • Glaze made with ashes creating a unique one off finish
  • Internally glazed



DIMENSIONS30cm H               
ASHES REQUIRED       150gm



  • Product is shipped directly from the artist once complete
  • Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery once ashes have been sent.

Ash Glaze Tear Drop Vessel (SO)

SKU: C550
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