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Our granite pet memorial headstones are created in the traditional style from Australian granite and make an impressive and ever lasting memorial.

Engraved granite has been used in headstone production forever as it is a very hard and durable material. Having such fine grain means we can achieve more detailed engraving thus making it a good option for custom commissions or work requiring longer inscriptions, we can even cut granite to size, contact us if you would like a quote on a more highly customised memorial headstone.

The inscription is deeply engraved into the surface of the granite (be cautious of inferior lightly etched laser processes). No colour is applied to the lettering which appears white against the shiny polished black surface of the granite. Our approach creates an ever lasting result thus ensuring the memory of your beloved pet is cherished forever.

Two sizes of granite plaques are available as standard with the large size having the option of an all weather photo ceramic plaque. There is no more fitting tribute to a beloved pet than an a custom engraved granite pet memorial plaque

Options Include:

  • Express Production + $30
  • Set of plaque stands (Highly Recommended) + $40
  • All weather ceramic colour photo + $120
  • 24 carat gold leaf engraved lettering + $87 for standard size, or $114 for Large size.


Granite Plaque Pet Memorial

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