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 timber veneered, cremation photo urn. This urn features a space to place a photo of your loved one, which can be easily changed as the photo and ash compartments are separate. The frame is finished with clear coat lacquer finish.



  • Urn is accessed by means of 1 screw at the back of the frame
  • Separate sliding panel to access photo at the front

Small Dimensions  12.8cm H x 9.5cm W x 9.3cm D    approx 440ml

Medium Dimensions 14.9cm H x 10.2cm W x 10.2cm D  approx 700ml

Large Dimensions 16.8cm H x 12.1cm W x 12.5cm D   approx 1.1L

Xlarge Dimensions 21.7cm H x 15.6cm W x 14.4cm D  approx 2.8L


Veneer Wooden Photo Urn

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